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10 Years Helping Chicago Resolve & Reduce Back Taxes!

10 Years Helping Chicago Resolve & Reduce Back Taxes!

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M&M Tax Relief Client Reviews

  • M&M Consulting handled my case with the utmost professionalism, and made the whole experience as stress-free as possible. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in an IRS “situation”.

    George B., Lake Forest, IL
  • I had all but given up on the stress of dealing with the IRS and their aggressive collection techniques, when M&M Financial saved the day by resolving my years' long tax debt, and putting most of my penalties back in my pocket. Thanks a million M&M!

    Jeffrey B., Chicago, IL
  • I would like to thank M&M Financial for all the help we received during this difficult time with the IRS. They were able to work out an agreement that was affordable. We were able to return to business as normal without worrying what the IRS was going to do.

    - Judy G., Chicago, IL
  • M&M Financial has helped me and my company in more ways than I ever thought. They were very knowledgeable in many ways. They were the only [company] that was not pushy in the beginning to get our business. M&M Financial is a very good company to work with.

    Don S., Chicagoland

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